Data loss can be prevented - Protect yourself with these data loss prevention tips and tricks.

Don't Become a Statistic: Know the Facts About Data Loss

Common Causes
for Data Loss

  • 44% due to hardware/system failures
  • 32% due to human error
  • 14% due to software corruption
  • 7% due to viruses, malware or ransomware
  • 3% due to fire, flood or other natural disasters

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Data Loss Stats

  • An estimated 4.6 million severe data loss incidents occur every year.

  • The average data loss incident results in 2MB of lost data, at a value of $10,000 per MB of data.

  • 70% of small businesses that experience data loss close their doors permanently within one year.

    (Source: Pepperdine University)

What is World
Backup Day?

  • World Backup Day was created to remind users like you to backup your data, so that when disaster strikes, you are prepared.

  • REMINDER: World Backup Day is March 31, 2017. Are you prepared?

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What is the BEST Strategy to Protect Yourself from Data Loss?

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Data Loss Prevention Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

Install a Firewall & Anti-virus Software

STEP 1  in preventing data loss is to install a firewall and anti-virus software. With virus and ransomware attacks coming from spam, phishing, malware, downloads, instant messages, web sites, and emails appearing to come from friends, clients, or co-workers, you can‘t afford to be without up-to-date virus protection.

Save & Backup Your Files Regularly

STEP 2  is to backup your data with regularly scheduled file and image backups. Be certain that you regularly test your backups to ensure that you can restore your files. Ideally you’ll have a backup located on multiple drives to protect your data from loss due to hard drive failure.

Keep an Offsite Copy of Your Backup

STEP 3  is to protect your data from fire, flood or other natural disaster (and from theft), by having an offsite copy of your backup. While cloud backup is an option, if the disaster disturbs your internet connection, it could prevent you from getting back to business in a timely manner.

Update All Security Patches

STEP 4  is to pay attention to your systems to ensure that critical updates are applied as soon as they are available. Microsoft releases patches to protect users against discovered vulnerabilities. Hackers use these vulnerabilities to craft an exploit for the purpose of accessing computers and networks that have not installed the security patch.


What are the Different Types of Backup?

File Backups

  • File backups are the most common type of backup.  File level backups are essentially files and folders that you select to back up.

  • Typically file level backups allow for more granular options for backup and restore of data like Exchange, SQL, System State (Registry, Active Directory, and other things), along with the ability to exclude things that you don't want to back up. 

  • File level backups are normally smaller backups than disk image backups.

Incremental vs. Differential

  • Incremental backups are based on the last backup performed and backup only the changes since that last backup (Full or Differential).

  • Differential backups are based on the last full backup performed and backup all changes since the last Full backup was performed.

  • Incremental and Differential backups were both designed to allow you to backup only files that have changed, although they differ on which files are selected.

Image Backups

  • An Image Backup is an exact copy of your hard drive, which includes your OS, system state, applications and configuration settings.

  • An image backup can be called: bare metal backup/recovery (BMR), disaster recovery backup, ghost backup, disk image, image level backup, block level backup, or a clone of your machine.

  • In complete disaster situations, like: your hard drive dies, Windows won't boot up or is corrupt, your machine is stolen, an upgrades goes horribly wrong, or other major disaster that requires a complete rollback of the entire machine, an image backups provide the fastest, most complete recovery option.

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