Simplify Cloud Backup

Create an enhanced layer of security and restorability for your critical data. Back up  Windows-based servers, PCs, virtual machines, and applications to highly-secure cloud storage. Seamless integration is already built into your NovaBACKUP software.

Why Cloud Backup?

Consider the new and growing privacy regulations that organizations must now comply with, including HIPAA, CCPA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR. What do all of these laws have in common? A requirement to protect data locally, but also to store backups at a secure, offsite location.

Cloud backup, when combined with local backup, creates a hybrid solution that not only better protects your data, but also provides you with numerous benefits:

  • Data access and restorability from anywhere, managed centrally
  • Protect endpoints and Windows devices for remote workers
  • Quickly scale storage to meet changing needs using a pay-as-you-grow model
  • Create an "air gap" for enhanced recoverability from ransomware and other threats
  • Reduced dependence (and cost) placed on the local infrastructure

How do I get started?

NovaBACKUP is designed with built-in capability for a range of both local and online backup jobs. Getting started is as simple as installing the latest version of NovaBACKUP software, and selecting the amount of cloud storage you'd like at your time of purchase. Those who already use NovaBACKUP software can conveniently add NovaBACKUP Cloud by clicking the "Cloud Backup" menu button. 

I don't have NovaBACKUP yet

  • Go here and choose the option that is right for you and the amount of cloud storage you want.
    • NovaBACKUP PC for workstations
    • NovaBACKUP Server for file-servers
    • NovaBACKUP Business Essentials for servers with Virtual Machines, Microsoft SQL and Exchange.
  • Check out and then follow the steps in "I already have a NovaBACKUP license".

I already have a NovaBACKUP license

  • Launch NovaBACKUP & click Cloud Backup
  • Create a Cloud Account by selecting the Register button
  • Enter a Username, Email Address, and Password
    IMPORTANT: Password is used for encryption. Keep it somewhere safe.
  • Confirm your License Key is correct
  • Schedule your backup job to the NovaBACKUP Cloud

Leverage Cloud Backup for Maximum Data Protection

Numerous industries are reaping the benefits of cloud backup to meet their own evolving data privacy requirements. Download our free eBook for advice on how you too can leverage cloud backup in different ways for advanced data security.

Interested in offering NovaBACKUP to your own customers?

As a NovaBACKUP partner, you'll be able to offer our comprehensive backup solution with Cloud Backup functionality to your own clients. Whether catering to a single customer, or hundreds, we've got a pricing structure that works for you. We've also got an MSP program designed for delivery of backup as a managed service.

Reach out if you need assistance. Our Support Team is happy to help!

Ready to Buy?


Backup for 1 Windows-PC

For file & image backups

Backup to local & cloud storage

Includes support & upgrades

$109.95/ year, plus VAT
with 50GB Cloud Storage

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NovaBACKUP Server

File & Image backup for 1 Server

Backup to local & cloud storage

Setup assistance

Includes support & upgrades

$349.95/ year, plus VAT
with 100GB Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage: Buy Now

with Business Essentials

Everything in NovaBACKUP
Server, plus:

Backup for Hyper-V & VMWare

Exchange & MS-SQL support

$419.95/ year, plus VAT
with 100GB Cloud Storage

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