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All-inclusive data protection included with your Buffalo NAS

NovaBACKUP is included with the Buffalo TeraStation and Buffalo LinkStation to create a powerful backup system for your PCs and Servers.

Designed for small to medium-size businesses that want to protect their business-critical data from all kinds of data loss without the high price tag. 


Included With NovaBACKUP for Buffalo NAS

Simply and reliably backing up your business-critical date from anywhere to any location in the fastest way possible while securing it end-to-end with military-grade encryption – in transit and at rest.  

Fast File Backup

Run automated backups for all your files or create unique jobs to your Buffalo NAS on a schedule of your choice.

Disaster Recovery Images

Simplify your Disaster Recovery plan and quickly bring up a virtual copy of your machine to reduce the amount of time needed to get your organization back up and running in the case of data loss. 

Flexible Restores

Restore your backups to the same location, to a new system, or to a virtual machine with ease. You also have the ability to mount VHDx backups as virtual machines.

Offsite Replication

With offsite backup, for example with the optional NovaBACKUP Cloud, you can protect against ransomware and other data loss threats. 

Hyper-V and VMware VMs

With NovaBACKUP Server Agent for Buffalo you can backup virtual machines for your Hyper-V or VMware (with vStorage API enabled) environments to restore individual files or entire virtual machines, hosts, or clusters easily.


With NovaBACKUP Server Agent for Buffalo you can backup Microsoft SQL and Exchange databases to your Buffalo NAS device.

Military-Grade Encryption

You can protect your backups with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption to prevent unauthorized access to your backup files.

Product Videos

Learn about the capabilities of Buffalo NAS devices with NovaBACKUP.

Introduction Video

BDR Video

Central Management Dashboard

Replication Functionality

Data Security

Technical Videos

These videos are designed to help you learn more about the backup and disaster recovery features.

Perform a System Image Backup as VHDx (to a Network Device)

Boot a System Image VHDx as a Virtual Machine

Convert NovaBACKUP System Image to a VHDx Virtual Hard Disk File

Schedule a System Image Backup (VHDx) to a NAS

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